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DONdetox a new solution for removal of DON in contaminated crops?

Every year farmers experience great losses due to a mycotoxin called DON (deoxynivalenol) contaminating their crops. The US Agricultural Department has reported that the annual losses due to DON are around 35 billion NOK and in 2013/14 agricultural revenue dropped by 27% due to destruction and low market prices for infected crops. The effects of DON are vomiting, abdominal pain and fever, and governments around the globe have set a maximum limit for DON infected crops that can be consumed. Researchers at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute have developed a new method that uses a unique and innovative combination of environment-friendly chemicals that  may remove DON from crops and grains. The chemical solution and the method are on route to be patented in relevant markets including EU and USA. The chemicals are known and used in food and feed for other purposes. This verification project will take the scientifically proven method to a full commercial offering. Pilot customer in this project is the Norwegian company Felleskjøpet who manages and processes 70% of grains in Norway.

For further information please contact Chris Miles (chris.miles@vetinst.no) or Silvio Uhlig (silvio.uhlig@vetinst.no).
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