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Silvio Uhlig, Dr. scient.

Section for Chemistry
Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Ullevålsveien 68
0454 Oslo/Norway

Tel.: +47 2321 6264
Fax: +47 2321 6201
Skype: silvio.oslo
E-mail: silvio.uhlig@vetinst.no

Research interest

Chemistry of toxins from fungi, cyanobacteria, algae and plants; their isolation, purification and characterisation as well as biological effects. Instrumental analysis of small molecules including mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy. Metabolomics.


Background in chemical engineering, organic and analytical chemistry from the University of Applied Sciences Dresden/Germany and University of Oslo/Norway. Professional experience from Zeneca Specialties Manchester/UK and Institute for Energy Technology Kjeller/Norway. Doctoral degree from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute/Norwegian School of Veterinary Science Oslo/Norway. Senior Researcher at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute since 2005, Head of Chemistry Section since 2016.

Original publications
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   Moldes-Anaya, A., Sæther, T., Uhlig, S., Nebb, H.I., Larsen, T., Eilertsen, H.C., Paulsen, S.M. Two isomeric C16 oxo-fatty acids from the diatom Chaetoceros karianus show isoform-specific agonist activity towards human peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs), Marine Drugs 2017, 15, 148–163.
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   Uhlig, S.; Ivanova, L. and Fæaste, C. K. Correction to Enzyme-assisted synthesis and structural characterization of the 3-, 8- and 15-glucuronides of deoxynivalenol, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2016, 64, 3732.
   Frandsen, R.J.N., Rasmussen, S.A., Knudsen, P.B., Uhlig, S., Petersen, D., Lysøe, E., Gotfredsen, C.H., Giese, H., Larsen, T.O. Perithecial pigmentation in Fusarium species with black perithecia is due to the accumulation of 5-deoxybostrycoidin-based melanin, Scientific Reports 2016 6, 26206–26220.  
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