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Kjersti Løvberg, M. sc.

Section for Chemistry
Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Ullevålsveien 68
0454 Oslo/Norway

Tel.: +47/2321 6213
Fax: +47/2321 6201
E-mail: kjersti.løvberg@vetinst.no

Research interest
Method development concerning immunossays for detection of cyanotoxins/microcystins. Special interest in development of antibodies to recognise the metabolites and using the antibodies to developing immunological methods for detecting metabolites in food such as shellfish for the marine algal metabolites and in water for the freshwater algal metabolites. Especially interested in cyanotoxins/microcystins, okadaic acid and azaspiracids.
Master’s degree in inorganic chemistry at Norwegian Institute of technology (NTH) Trondheim, Norway,1989.  Method development, validation, quality assurance and accreditation for methods such as different techniques of atomic absorption spectroscopy and immunological methods for detection of food allergens.
Ongoing projects
  • TARGET: Targeted strategies for safeguarding the noble crayfish against alien and emerging threats (NFR/243907) (2015-2018)
Original publications
            Samdal, I.A.; Løvberg, K.E.; Briggs, L.R.; Kilcoyne, J.; Xu, J.; Forsyth, C.J.; Miles, C.O.; Development of an ELISA for the detection of azaspiracids. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2015, 63, 7855−7861.
            Samdal, I.A.; Ballot, A.; Løvberg, K.E.; Miles, C.O. Multihapten approach leading to a sensitive ELISA with broad cross-reactivity to microcystins and nodularin. Environmental Science & Technology 2014, 48, 8035-8043.
            Sletten, G.B.; Løvberg K.E.; Moen L.H.; Skarpeid H.-J.; Egaas E. 2A comparison of time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay and ELISA in the detection of casein in foodstuffs.” Food and Agricultural Immunology, 2005, 16, 235-234
            Fæste, Christiane K.; Løvberg, Kjersti E.; Lindvik, Helene; Egaas, Eliann J. Extractability, stability and allergenicity of egg-with proteins in differently heat-processed foods. AOAC Int. 90, 427-436, 2007
            Fæste et al. Differentiating Cross-Reacting Allergens in the Immunological Analysis of Celery ( Apium graveolens) by Mass Spectrometry. Journal of AOAC International, Vol. 93 No. 2. 2010
            Sivertsen, T.; Løvberg K.E; Seasonal and individual variation in hepatic copper concentrations in a flock of Norwegian Dala sheep. Small Ruminant Research ( in press 2013)
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