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Toxinology Home    January 24, 2021
What's Toxinology?

The area of science that deals with natural toxins (biotoxins) such as mycotoxins and other fungal toxins, toxins from marine and freshwater algae (phycotoxins), bacterial toxins (bacteriotoxins), plant toxins (phytotoxins) and animal toxins and venoms (zootoxins), including their chemistry, mode of action and ecological roles.

Latest News
Using boric acid gel for extraction of azaspiracids
Azaspiracids (AZAs) are marine algal toxins that can be present in shellfish and thereby cause food poisonings. Shellfish is a complex matrix to analyze and therefore easy approaches for purification and extraction of natural toxins such as azaspiracids are needed. The possibility of using boric acid gel and its ability to bind azaspiracids reversibly is investigated.

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Is P-glycoprotein involved in toxicity of deoxynivalenol?

Interaction of deoxynivalenol (DON) with several intestinal transport molecules including P-glycoprotein (Pgp), also known as multidrug resistance protein 1 (MDR1), has been reported in the literature. We have recently confirmed this type of bioactivity in several in vitro models.

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Deoxynivalenol – nervous effects reconnaissance
In yet another project (acronym DONNER) targeting the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol we aim to study its effects on global changes within brain functional networks. It is financed via the cooperation initiation program between French and Norwegian research institutions "AURORA".
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Upcoming Events

10th Workshop on Food Allergen Methodologies, 7.-9. May 2018, Toronto, Canada

• SETAC EUROPE 28th annual meeting; Responsible and Innovative Research for Environmental Quality, 13.-17. May 2018, Rome, Italy

ISSX: 22nd North American ISSX meeting, 15.-19. July 2018, Montreal, Canada

• AOAC: 132nd Annual Meeting & Exposition, 26.-29. August 2018, Toronto, Canada

18th International Conference on Harmful Algae, 21.-26. October 2018, Nantes, France


This site is a venture of researchers hosted at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute dealing with the science of natural toxins. The views expressed on this site are those of the authors and shall not be attributed to the institution.


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